Library Media Center

Media Center Hours

School days from 7:25 AM to 3:00 PM


The mission of the Patuxent Valley Middle School media program is to ensure that students and staff are ethical and effective consumers and producers of information.

This mission will be accomplished by:

  • Providing access to quality materials which represent diverse viewpoints and opinions.
  • Collaborating with staff to infuse student learning with critical thinking skills.
  • Guiding students through a systematic approach to research.


Central to the mission of the PVMS library program our library staff continuously strives to:

  • develop a library program that is central to our school’s learning community;
  • respond to staff and student feedback to ensure that the library program meets all users’ needs;
  • cultivate a community of life long learners; and
  • encourage a love of reading within all students.
Michael Schemm Media Specialist

Library Media Center Policies

Using the Media Center:

During Lunch:

  • Students should stop by the media center in the morning before homeroom to get a lunch pass.
  • After eating, students can show their library lunch pass to be dismissed to the media center.
  • When students arrive in the media center they should turn in their lunch pass and check their name off on the sign-up list.
  • Students can use this time to browse and check out books, study, use a computer, or engage in other school appropriate activities.

During Class - by yourself or with a small group:

  • Check in with Mr. Schemm
  • Show your signed agenda book.
  • Library sign-in sheet (Before you leave: cross your name off of library sign-in sheet)
  • Ask to print from any of the library computers.

During Class - with your teacher:

  • Enter the library quietly and respectfully.
  • Have a seat at one of the tables.
  • Wait for directions from your teacher.
  • Your teacher's normal classroom rules and expectations are in effect while in the media center as well.

Check Out:

  • Students can borrow up to three of the following items at one time from the PVMS Media Center:
    • Books: 3 week loan period (+ 1 renewal)
    • Magazines: 1 week loan period (+ 1 renewal)
    • Audiobooks/Playaways: 1 week loan period (+ 1 renewal)
      • (only 1 audiobook or Playaway can be checked out at once)
    • Reference Materials: Overnight check out only
  • Students can not check out new materials while they have overdue items.
  • Teachers may borrow all of the above items with extended loan periods. In addition, teachers can also check out:
    • Items from the professional collection
    • A/V supplies and equipment such as computers, movies, digital (still) cameras, and video cameras.


  • All normal school rules apply in the media center.
  • Please do not use the media center as a cut through.
  • Please remember to show respect for yourself, others, and all media resources!