Chromebook Care for the Summer

Mon, 06/13/2022 - 12:00pm

Hello PVMS, 

As the summer is fast approaching - we need all LOANER Chromebooks returned to the media center AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 

Every student will be taking their personally assigned Chromebooks and chargers home over the summer. 

6th and 7th graders - bring your Chromebooks back to PVMS in the fall. 

8th graders - bring your Chromebooks to your high schools in the fall. 

IF any students are leaving the Howard County Public School System (you know you will not return to a  Howard County Public School in the fall), please turn in your Chromebook and charger in to Mrs. Gallagher or Ms. Costley starting tomorrow through Friday. 

*REMINDER - as the media center will be finishing up the inventory process, we will not be signing out any of the daily loaner Chromebooks. 
*SUMMER CARE: Please take care of your Chromebook over the summer. You are still financially responsible for it. 
If it goes into a deep sleep mode- and even holding the power button will not turn it on - try this: 

Press "Power" "ESC" and the "REFRESH" key all at the same time 
Hold those buttons down until a White screen appears with directions to put in a USB drive 
Press the power button again to turn it off 
Press the power button again to turn it on 
*If the white screen never appears - try keeping it plugged in for over an hour and then try again - your battery may be completely drained. 

Unfortunately since these devices are assigned for school work, HCPSS will be not providing replacements or support (unless you are in an HCPSS summer program). You can return any broken devices to a HCPSS tech center. 

Thank you all for a wonderful year and have a fantastic summer! 

Mrs. Gallagher