Gifted and Talented Program

G/T Seminar Info:

What are G/T Seminars?

G/T instructional seminars are designed to extend student interests beyond the regular classroom. In these seminars, students develop a broad range of advanced level skills for in-depth study and creation of a product or presentation. Many of the seminars will include guest speakers or field trip opportunities, so students can work with experts in an area of interest. Applications are available in early September. See Ms. Bickerton if you wish to apply.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Do not apply for more than TWO seminars. If you are doing a curriculum extension unit, are in NJHS, or in Band or Orchestra, you should only apply for one seminar; otherwise you would be pulled from class too much.

  • Since the seminars meet during the school day, you must be responsible for all make up work.

  • Staple monthly pass in agenda, and write seminar in agenda in the period/ day

    for teacher to sign. Ask if you can be dismissed...don’t tell the teachers you are


If a test, lab, or other class where it is difficult to make up work, then you should

stay in class. See me or email me for missed work.

Current G/T Seminars 2016-2017 School Year:

Book Club

Students in GT Book Club will choose at least three books to read this year from the GT Book Club List. Students may also sign up to be book club leaders. Book club leaders create strong discussion questions, and facilitate the book discussion. Two or three students from book club may also participate in a county-wide discussion each month at the Miller Branch library.

Morning News Production: Open to 7th and 8th graders

Students in this seminar produce the live morning news show every morning. This team varies in jobs from technical (camera crew, switcher, teleprompter, and power point/ video crew) to our on-air talent.


In debate, students will research contemporary issues, write argumentative speeches, and organize arguments. They will use public speaking skills and etiquette to refute and close their arguments. In the spring, students on this team will debate in a county middle school competition at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Students should be strong readers, writers, and speakers.

This year’s debate resolution is: Homework should be banned in Howard County Public Schools.

African American History

In this seminar students learn about African American culture and the impact of historical events and figures on today’s world. This year, our focus is on the Harlem Renaissance. Students are researching what led up to this point in history, and various aspects of culture: art, music, dance, literature, and business.

During the 1st semester, students learned about Python, and several small teams participated in the Howard County Code Slam competition this fall at Oakland Mills High School. During 2nd semester, students will learn Java Script.

Documentary Film

In the Documentary Film seminar, students learn film techniques including camera angles, adding b-roll footage, transitions, and even animation! Students will create an I- Movie documentary on a topic of their choice. In the last three years, students working on environmental documentaries have been able to take a field trip to American University to work with students and professors in the film department, and students who finish their documentary by the deadline have been able to show their film at the AFI Theater in Silver Spring for an environmental film festival!