PVMS Walkout Update

Thu, 03/15/2018 - 10:43am

March 14, 2018

An update to PVMS's student walkout: 


At 10:00 am, approximately 400 students left class and assembled in the gymnasium to protest school violence and shootings across the US. Most students wore black clothing as a sign of protest and less than 15 students carried signs. A podium and sound microphone was provided to the seven presenters. The 20-minute event was peaceful, powerful and will be used as a platform for further classroom / school forums. An email went out on Monday outlining expectations and on the previous Friday during Bark Time, a presentation from the Student Council explained the purpose and expectation of the walkout. As a result of the time and energy of numerous staff members, parents and students, the walk-out was a wonderful success.  

As a side note, I made a last minute decision to reroute the walkout from an outside location to inside the bulding, the gymnasium. Citing safety concerns, students were notified during the morning announcements and discussions between administration and upset students highlighted various reasons for the change. Most students understood the rationale for the change and the walkout, of class rather than school, continued as planned.

On a personal note, I was extremely proud of our students' powerful messages as they voiced their concerns over the safety of schools. They were mature, responsive and unyeilding in their passion. These events create many opportunities for parents, students, teachers and school supports to talk with each other on the many emotions that surround these important issues.  

Frankly, it was a great day to have a voice!


Thank you for your support of PVMS's students.


Rick Robb

PVMS Proud Principal